About Jenna

Jenna Atkinson was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and moved to Easton, Pennsylvania in 2010.  She remembers  her first dance recital at the age of 3 where she cried and refused to step on to the stage unless her Mom watched from behind the curtain. (Thanks Mom!) 

Yes, I did dance around in a cirlce with a balloon!

Yes, I did dance around in a cirlce with a balloon!

From there, she found a love for the stage lights and joined her school's drama club in her first musical Annie, as the Star-To-Be.  Jenna continued her passion for performing by attending The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This unique educational opportunity led Jenna to pursue a career in the performing arts and she graduated in May of 2018 from Rider University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. 

Jenna loves all things performing, whether it be theatre, film, or television, she dreams of doing it all! She plans on moving to New York City soon after graduation and is so excited to see what the " Big Apple" has in store for her. 

When Jenna is not performing  she loves adventuring! From trying new foods, reading a good book, exploring new places, or just  grabbing a cup of coffee, Jenna is along for the ride! Want to learn more about Jenna? Then click here to read Jenna's Blog!